WE WON!!! For now… Home Studios Now Legal In Music City until Jan 2023

We won last night in an epic Metro Council meeting that ran through the night. 

On July 7 at 1:30 am after lengthy deliberation, the council voted 25-14 in favor of home studios to adopt the new bill that allows home studios and other home businesses to finally be legalized. The final step to making this official law is when the Mayor signs the new bill.

Thanks to your tireless efforts to support and share this petition we have now made history in Music City and around the world! There are so many grateful musicians here in Nashville this morning as we wake to a beautiful summer day and a new era of thriving independent music.

The music community has been very vocal about the long term detrimental effect of COVID and the quarantine on the music industry as we knew it before 2020. But now the ability to legally work from home and rebuild music from the grassroots will keep the flames of creativity alive so that the music community can thrive again. 

We have all been fighting to Save Home Studios in Music City since the beginning of 2020 when the new bill BL2019-48 was proposed and we launched this petition. And neither tornadoes nor COVID nor quarantine nor home studio haters could stop us from seeing it through!

I have personally been fighting for our rights to work from home for five years since the city shut down my home studio in 2015 with a cease and desist letter and threats of steep fines and legal action.

My crime? Inviting other musicians to record in my residential home studio for money so I could support my family.

I am still in shock that I was able to go from being singled out as a bad guy five years ago to helping pass legislation that makes all of us good guys today.

It’s the power of perseverance that has seen us through. But it takes a village…

It has been a long journey with so many people reaching out to me to offer support along the way that has allowed me to stay the course and see this through to the end. And it is only the huge wave of support that allowed the Nashville Metro Council to recognize us.

I have had incredible help along the way from The Institute For Justice and The Beacon Center Of Tennessee who has given me the strength to take this issue both to the courts and to the Metro Council. 

Five years ago I got a call from the young visionary lawyer, Keith Diggs who encouraged me to fight this and stand up for my rights. We teamed up with Braden Boucek and an incredible legal force to navigate a process that would have been impossible for me on my own. I like to refer to those folks as the “League Of Justice”!

I have since received countless emails and messages of support. This petition received many many signatures and shares. And so many have emailed the Metro Council and spoke publically at the meetings that our voices have been heard on a worldwide scale.

I have given more interviews with the press than I can remember. Our story has been in more newspapers, magazines, blogs, and on more tv stations, radio stations, and podcasts that I could possibly have imagined.

And now we have won…

Edit: With the caveat that the sunset provision in the bill means we will need to vote this through again in 2023 or it will disappear! See you here again in a few years…

A huge thank you goes to council member Dave Rosenberg for having the foresight, vision, and clarity to create this bill along with the many council members that helped him carefully shape the bill. Those 25 council members who voted yes for this bill listened to the voices of the Nashville community and understand our need to work from home.

As for the rest of the 14 council members who voted against the bill… It’s up to you to ask them why they didn’t vote for what you wanted in your neighborhood.

I am more excited to start making records again than I have been in a long long while. And I hope you are too.

Let’s remember July 7 in Nashville as Save Home Studios in Music City day. What do you say?


Lij Shaw


Wanna say hello? SaveHomeStudios@Gmail.com 

Wanna learn more about recording music yourself? Check out my podcast RecordingStudioRockstars.com

Thank you also to these incredible folks without whom this win never would have happened: Jeff Syracuse, Dave Pomeroy, Kevin White, Sasha Lassiter Mullins, Jillian Reed, Tayor Dawson, Andrew Meleta, Paul Avelar, Hannah Cox, Christina Walsh, Dean Tomasek, Mike Farris, Daniel Walker, Joe V McMahan, Kevin Gordon, Carrie Mills, BigFoot Is Real, Dave Coleman, Bobby Owsinski, Bjorgvin Benediktsson, Matt Boudreau, Chris Graham, Mathew Fuller, Sarayah Shaw, Brian Carter, Jeff Rose, Rek Lecounte, Isaac Reese, Justin Owen.