The Save Home Studios Vote Is Tonight – Email The Metro Council NOW!

Tonight July 7, 6:30 pm the Nashville Metro Council will vote on your right to work from home in Nashville TN.

Ask them to vote “YES” on BL2019-48 

Email now with this easy link:

Watch the meeting live tonight July 7, 6:30 pm here:

(Look for BL2019-48 in the meeting agenda.)

Learn more about the home business bill that will Save Home Studios and other home businesses in Music City: 

Home business haters are busy right now trying to stamp out your right to work from home.

In fact, they are calling you… “Toxic for Nashville”!

Will you stand for that?

So thank you for sending your email and for sharing this update.

Make sure to include “Vote YES for BL2019-48” in the subject line and add your name and address in the email body.


Lij Shaw

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