Save Home Studios Won Last Night!! We are almost finished…

JUN 11, 2020 — 

Tuesday night we had an incredible turnout for the Metro Council public hearing with many voices of support from the Nashville community for the new home business bill BL2019-48!

There were many home studio owners, teachers, hair-stylists, cooking classes, and others who showed up in person or called the phone lines to ask the Metro Council to vote “YES” for the home business bill.

You can watch the replay here:   (The Metro Council deserves a HUGE thank you. Would you believe the meeting went until 1:30am, and that was considered a short meeting?) 

Last night was the second reading of the bill and the council voted YES with a landslide to move the bill on to the third reading!

33 yes – 6 no – 1 abstain.


But we’re not out of the woods yet…

Next week will be the third and final reading of the bill: Metro Council meeting Tuesday June 16 at 6:30pm

The Council will vote one last time, and if they vote “YES” then the bill will become law. 

The good news is we only need a majority of “YES” votes (21) to win! 

But… our bill is at the tail end of a long agenda for the third meeting which could mean that the Metro Council will be voting on this very late at night after an exhausting budget discussion. Much respect!

If we win this next round then home studios and other home businesses will finally be legalized in Music City.

We will have Saved Home Studios in Music City! How cool is that?

Stay tuned for more info coming soon. You may need to contact specific Council members to help them understand the importance of this bill and encourage them to vote yes at the third reading.

Please remember to thank your Council member for all their hard work and for staying up way past their bedtime for make sure we can work from home!

Honestly, if we win this it would be cooler than mom and dad pretending to be Santa Claus all night so we can wake up in the morning to presents under the tree. Know what I mean?

Thanks for your support! Let’s win this thing.

Lij Shaw

PS Got questions? Email me: