Save Home Studios – All Nighter No Vote – Deferred To July 7

JUN 17, 2020 — 

Thank you everyone for your support and for hanging in there. It was another epic Metro Council meeting last night to try and save home studios in Music City!

The Metro Council pulled an all-nighter session for 10 hours (with no real breaks) debating the Nashville budget that included new tax hikes among other items.

At 4:30 am the home business bill finally came up for discussion and the Metro Council recognized that the home business bill BL2019-48 would need more time for discussion before voting.

So they deferred the bill until the next meeting to make sure it gets a fair opportunity. It looks like the next meeting may be July 7.

Please remember to send in more emails just before that meeting on July 7:

See you all at the next one!

Thanks for all your support and for sharing this.