Save Home Studios Wins First Round At Nashville Planning Commission!

Save Home Studios won the first round last week at the Nashville Planning Commission public hearing! On Feb 27, 2020, the commission considered the new Home Business bill BL2019-48 that would finally allow home studios to be legalized in Music City.

It was an exciting event that had us all on the edge of our seats as the Metro Planning Commission discussed and deliberated at length concluding with a tie vote to approve the bill and move it forward to the Metro Council. The commission was split right down the middle with three votes for and three against, but due to the rules of government this means that the bill will be considered “no recommendation” essentially being considered “approved” by the commission as it moves on for vote at the Metro Council. This is a huge win for us!

The evening was highlighted by inspired and thoughtful presentations by Council Members Dave Rosenberg and Jeff Syracuse and multiple speakers in support of the need for Nashville to allow residents to successfully work from home without fear of reprisal for simply inviting customers over to the home.

Join us for round two “the big one!” as we take the bill to Metro Council for a public hearing. Mark your calendar for Thursday, March 5, 6:30 pm at the downtown Metro Historic Courthouse. Bring water, snacks, posters (8.5″x11″), and patience as we become part of history being made in Music City. Get up and speak if you want or simply raise your hand in support when the council asks.

Metro Council Meeting:

Get ready to Save Home Studios and other home businesses in Nashville this week!

Here’s what you can do now!

Save Home Studios In 3 Minutes Or Less – How To Contact Your Metro Council Member

I made a short video to show you how to easily and quickly contact your Nashville Metro Council member to show your support for home businesses Bill BL2019-48.

Watch the video here:


Find your Metro Council Member here:

Or use the online contact:

Want to make even more of an impact? Then please also contact the Vice Mayor and the five “At Large” Metro Council Members since they represent all of us:,,,,,

Do you have feedback and suggestions about the Bill? Bill BL2019-48 then contact the sponsor of the new bill directly:

Below is some helpful text you can use for your email or phone call


Please Support Bill BL2019-48 to allow Home Businesses in Nashville

–Email Body–

To: Council Member [Name]

I support Bill BL2019-48 which creates reasonable guidelines for non-invasive home businesses, that already exist now in Nashville’s residential areas, including allowing limited customers to visit the home.

I support this bill because [add your reasons here.]

From: [Your name and address]

Thanks for being an action taker and making a difference in Nashville!
Lij Shaw